D&D Spelljammer, Adventures in Space - Alt Cover

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DnD 5ta. Edición

Spelljammer A+ 1

Set Sail for the Stars!

What is a spelljammer? Spelljammers are pilots who propel and steer ships through the Astral Plane using a magic item called a spelljamming helm.

What is the Astral Plane? The Astral Plane is an infinitely vast celestial void where the stars and portals to the divine and demonic planes reside. It surrounds all the worlds of the Material Plane and is comprised of two parts—Wildspace and the Astral Sea.

What is Wildspace? A part of the Astral Plane—every world in the D&D multiverse is situated within Wildspace, an airless ocean teeming with space-dwelling life forms.

What is the Astral Sea? Beyond the edges of Wildspace is the second part of the Astral Plane—a silvery haze known as the Astral Sea. In this realm of thought and dream travelers may find swirling pools of color that serve as portals to other planes.

Spelljammer A+ 2

Spelljamming Ships & More Playable Races

The Astral Adventurer’s Guide is a book for both players and Dungeon Masters that can be read before the campaign starts. Among other useful tidbits, it includes:

More Character Options—including 6 character races, from astral elves to plasmoids—the first option to let you play as an ooze!

Space Rules—learn how magical fire functions (or doesn’t) in Wildspace, how to wrestle control of a ship from another spelljammer, and what happens when you throw a punch while weightless

Cool Ships—browse deck plans, stats, and weaponry for every type of spelljamming vessel characters may crew or . . . commandeer

Spelljammer A+ 3

An Astral Adventure for Characters Levels 5–9

Light of Xaryxis is a pulpy sci-fi-inspired adventure set in Wildspace and the Astral Sea.

It’s full of battles with otherworldly foes, thrilling plot twists, and cliffhanger endings that will make it hard to wait for your next session. The adventure begins on the world of your choosing and introduces the Rock of Bral—an asteroid city that may serve as a campaign hub.

Spelljammer A+ 4

Giant Space Hamsters, Lunar Dragons, and More

Steer clear of vampirate ships, check for chwinga stow aways, and don’t bother trying to power your ship with giant space hamster wheels. (It’s been tried.)

Any well-seasoned spelljammer should already know these things. For those who don’t, Boo’s Astral Menagerie is a bestiary full of lore and stat blocks for over 60 creatures adventurers may encounter while journeying through the Astral Plane.